Tutorial pedir con Taobaoring / Order with taobaoring

A. Price
C. Shipping cost from seller to taobaoring. Sometimes is an unique price for all you buy from the shop
E. Size
F.Avaliable cuantity
Q.Keep searching the page

A.Price, when there is a preorder you can see the first payment and the final price
B-Size in cm:1º chest, 2º waist 3º lenght
C.If you still going down in the page you can see more photos of the dress

A.Taobaoring registration. First make the registration (for preorders only acepts money transfer or card payment, for the rest acepts paypal), after make the order in quick order. Order list is for search your orders.
B. First payment: price of your items + vendor shipping + intermediate cost. Second payment: shipping cost to your home (better chouse Air Mail)

Go to quick order.
A.Copy the item link and put in the box. After that click on get it.

A.Choose size, color and cuantity and then click on add to my cart.
B. In this box you can add more comment about the item.
C.Taobaofocus works like taobaoring, but taobaofocus acepts paypal for preorders, For taobaofocus registration you need a gmail account.

A.This is how your order looks like after choosing your items. If you keep going down in the page you will find the button to make the order

A.This is wha you look before confirming your order. You can choose the shipping that you prefer. Here is when you confirm your order. You can add more items until the intermediate confirms the order. After that you can't add more items, you have to make another order, but you can combine both for the shipping.
B.When the intermediate has all the items, he will send you the second invoice for shipping.