Diagon Alley Lolita Tea Party

In June, my BFF and I hosted a Harry Potter themed Tea Party in Lourizan Mansion, you can't enter into the building, but you can enjoy the beautiful gardens:

In the Tea Party we had some games:

Put Voldemort's nose:
(me making funny of Voldemort)

(Drawing made by Komorebi Art)

An herbology class with mandragores (made by me)
The greenhouse

(the greenhouse)

(My friend María with a mandragore)
Best House coord and Best Tea Party Coord:
(Winners of Best House coord, the capes are the prizes made by me)

(My BFF Eva, winner of the best coord. Hat and golden underskirt made by me)
We also had tarot reading:

(Magic Ball made by me)

(Clara reading tarot, she was quite good doing it)
Pictures of the props that I made for the Tea Party:

(My friend Sara holding the Sorting Hat)

(Monster book of Monsters, with monsters drawing by Komorebi art)

(flying letter)

We have some Harry Potter inspired desserts:
Cupcake owls

(Snitch and Aragogs cupcakes, licorice wands)

(Chocolate frogs)
And for last some photos of the outfits:


(Me, hat is made by me)

(All photos are from Komorebi Art and Anabel)